Customer Churn Package Customer Churn package on UiPath

Detect who's likely to churn and anticipate how many users are at risk to leave your business using the AI-powered activities provided by Automate the entire process from training to prediction using your own data.

You can get Customer Churn Prediction package in two ways:

  • Download it directly from the UiPath marketplace:

    After downloading the package, move it to the packages' path you prefer to find it later easily.

  • Search for it via Go* while adding a new package:

Downloadable packages on UiPath marketplace are automatically listed in UiPath Studio "Go" source. In the Community edition, you will find it under "Connect" source. If you don't find either "Go" or "Connect", you can add it by yourself: from settings ->Manage sources -> Add as a source; as shown in the following figure.

In both methods, search for the package in the appropriate source or in all packages.

Now you can use the two activities under Averroes Customer Churn Package, Customer churn training, and customer churn prediction.

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